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We value our collaboration with immigration attorneys. This collaboration helps us present the relevant clinical data with the highest professional standards. IMPACT™ licensed clinicians conduct evaluations  and generate reports that are consistent with clinical, ethical and legal requirements.

IMPACT™ team members collaborate with attorneys and accredited legal representatives. This collaboration ensures a high quality report.  We release our professional reports to the attorney, accredited representative, and/or the client. 


IMPACT™ offers comprehensive psychological evaluations for immigrants who need them as part of their immigration application. A licensed mental health professional conducts the evaluation and writes the report to be submitted as part of your client’s legal case. Evaluators are licensed mental health professionals, consisting of IMPACT team members and trainees.


These evaluations are an important part of your client’s application and can significantly contribute to a positive outcome for your clients.  We provide the clinical data which documents an immigrant’s history, trauma, diagnosis, and mental health.


Our team offers high quality evaluations in English, Spanish, and other languages with interpreters.  We provide timely reports and collaborate with many attorneys and immigration organizations.  Funding for low-income immigrants is available.

To make a referral you will be requested to send a background information form and forward it to


The clinician who is assigned to do the evaluation will contact you to begin the process.  At a later date data related to the outcome of the case will be collected.  


Evaluations are available for:

  • Extreme Hardship

  • Political Asylum

  • U Visa

  • VAWA

  • N648 citizenship disability assessment

  • Evaluations for unaccompanied minors

  • T Visa

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