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Immigration Psychology Access Team’s mission is to offer immigrants and refugees psychological documentation of their trauma and hardship as part of their legal pursuit to live where they and their families feel safe and can thrive. Our vision is a society in which the voices of refugees and immigrants are heard, their trauma is witnessed, their rights are respected, their value to society is appreciated, and they receive access to due process and justice in immigration proceedings.


Gifts to Immigration Psychology Access Team will directly help transform the lives of vulnerable individuals and families, providing a simple, impactful, and tangible way to keep families together and to provide refuge to those in need. IMPACT™ does this by providing high quality psychological evaltions for low-income immigrants as part of their legal application to remain in the U.S.


The clinician who is assigned to do the evaluation will contact you to begin the process.  At a later date data related to the outcome of the case will be collected.  

Giving is easy.

You can donate here:


You can donate by check:

Please mail to: IMPACT™ Immigration 1130 SW Morrison Street # 250 Portland, OR  97205

Donate via corporate matches, in-kind goods, appreciated property, stock, or by legacy giving. Contact us at  for more information.

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