1. Workshop on Mental Health Evaluations for Immigration purposes or equivalent .

    Workshop is available to mental health professionals in​dependent of the IMPACT training program.        See 2021 workshop information here.

2. Consultation group meeting participation

    Participation in a minimum of 5 consultation group meetings

3. Completion of 2-3 pro-bono or paid evaluations​

a) If new to conducting immigration evaluations these evaluations are conducted with supervision and/or the reports are reviewed by the supervisor before submitting it to the attorney.

b)Those who have experience in immigration evaluations can submit past reports to an appointed supervisor for review.

i. If it is determined that the evaluator needs more supervision, the supervisor and evaluator can determine how many supervised reports are required before eligibility for funding is granted.

ii) If the submitted reports meet the standard for high quality evaluations determined by the supervisor, then the evaluator is eligible for funding.

c) Supervision is provided by an appointed qualified supervisor from IMPACT.

d) ​Completion of above results in a Certificate of Completion in Immigration Evaluations.

e) Participants are encouraged to have on-going supervision to improve skills​.

f) Advanced training in testifying in court and managing complex cases will be offered in the future through workshops and in the consultation groups.

4. Fees and CEs:

a) Training fees paid by participant include: Workshop fee. A portion of this fee is contributed to IMPACT. ​

b) Supervision is paid by IMPACT during the training phase.

c) The live workshop offers 6 CEs to licensed mental health professionals. Consultation group and supervision CE’s available as your discipline allows.

5. Funding

Once you complete the training you are eligible to be paid by IMPACT for future evaluations. Requirements for funding eligibility may vary by state and funding/grant restrictions.



Licensed Mental Health professional with experience in clinical interviewing skills

Requirements for funding eligibility from IMPACT, a 501c3 non-profit organization, may vary by state and funding/grant restrictions.


Simply click on the link below to submit your payment and gain admission to this workshop​. Fee:  $700   Student Discount: $100 voluntary donation

Pay Standard Fee:  $700

Pay Student Discount Fee: $50 voluntary donation


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