Greetings from the IMPACT Executive Director!


Become an expert in conducting psychological evaluations for immigrants and refugees! This is important and rewarding work for licensed mental health professionals. IMPACT is a non-profit organization with the following mission:

to offer immigrants and refugees psychological documentation of their trauma and hardship as part of their legal pursuit to live where they and their families feel safe and can thrive. Immigrants and refugees have access to high-quality psychological evaluations regardless of their ability to pay.


Immigration Psychological Access Team is a team of licensed mental health professionals who conduct high quality psychological evaluations for immigrants. Together we have conducted over 1000 evaluations. These evaluations are a critical component of an immigrant’s legal case to remain with their families and live without persecution.  Being a part of this team is an opportunity to use your clinical skills and make an important contribution to the lives of immigrants.

If you want to join our Oregon-based team, training is available. We are a collaborative active team that can adapt to your training needs, whether you are just learning about immigration evaluations or have experience. Not only will you receive state-of-the-art training incorporating the most up-to-date ethical, sociopolitical, and legal/forensic considerations, but you will also join a group of clinicians who value culturally responsive and trauma-informed practices. 


Our non-profit subsidizes the cost of the evaluations for low-income immigrants in the Pacific Northwest and supports some of the training costs for local clinicians. Once clinicians are trained and become part of the IMPACT team, the evaluations they conduct for low-income immigrants and refugees are funded by IMPACT.


Lynn Moore, Ph.D.

IMPACT Founder and Executive Director

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