Greetings from the IMPACT Training Director!


Thank you for visiting our website.  My name is Marina Valdez.  I am a bilingual licensed psychologist with specialty areas in Latinx psychology, culturally-oriented mental health, and trauma-informed approaches in psychological services.  I have over 15 years of experience as a clinician, including providing training and supervision support to emerging clinicians.  These skillsets and focus areas dovetailed perfectly to bring me to immigration evaluation work in my practice, and then to teaching established clinicians to add this specialty area to their own practices.


At IMPACT, our mission has always been to increase immigrant and refugee clients’ access to high-quality immigration evaluations.  We have done so through funding the cost of this service for those who need the financial assistance, and through teaching more clinicians to provide this important service to their communities.  Collectively, IMPACT team members have written close to  1000 evaluation reports over the years!  We are proud of what we do, and we would love to have you join the training program.  We believe you will not only receive state-of-the-art training incorporating the most up-to-date ethical, sociopolitical, and legal/forensic considerations, but you will also join a group of clinicians who value culturally-responsive and trauma-informed practices. 

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